In the Gap of the Gods

And now for something completely different, I don’t normally do poetry, here’s why:

There are gaps.

He sees them as silence to be filled.

I see them as space to explore.

We run at them, at speed together,

To see who gets there first.

He fills the space with overpriced words,

I guard it by wrapping myself in its silence.

It is an endless dance, like the moon and the tide.

We push and pull at the shadows of the world.

When you found yourself surrounded by friends and laughter,

That was him.

When you were lonely because the phone never rang,

That was me.

When the world crushed you with its noise,

That was him.

When you sought and found sanctuary in solitude,

That was me.

There is a balance, a see and a saw,

Endless, the two of us, evermore.

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