A moment of levity

That moment! Right there. Where your body and your mind – are – disconnected. Where the image that is physical and the image that is inside your head, are no longer held together. You are two images. Out of focus. Was that death visiting you? In your sleep? Passing over you, moving on to the person lying next to you.

How did you get to that state. Asleep. Your body is sleeping. Your mind. Awake. Disconnected. Just hovering. Slightly outside the boundaries of your skin. Peaceful. Soothing. Alarming. That you can be free of your mortal, physical, accident-prone self. A moment. That comes to you in the night. Not a dream. After a dream. Anchoring you to the world. Freeing your mind. A paradox. A moment of levity. Amidst the seriousness of sleep. A reminder that you and your body are attached.

That the boundary of one is the boundary of the other. Mostly. That they can slip, slide against each other.  But not uncouple. Is that what it was? That momentary peaceful. Alarming. Hovering of spirit over physical being. However slight. Is that why you slept on, happy in the thought of the possible and the possibility. In the night, in the darkness, a moment taken, a mind returned. Slumped back. Slammed! Crept in, Crawled. Swept. Alive. Awake. Attached again. In harmony. Coupled together, the body and the mind.

A blurring of the lines that grounds you in reality. A touching of the spirit. A wavering in the moment. Haven’t we all been there, curled in this world of hope. Undimmed and  unfaded.  A soothing balm to a bitter end in a tortured world. Won’t we all go there. Hover for that moment. That moment. That one moment alone. Between what is and what is no more. A moment that passes as our breath passes. Lightness before darkness. A seriousness of sleep. A moment of levity.

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