The Riddle Child

Hers is a passion
For things she doesn’t know
A curiosity philosophy
That helps her to grow

Mine is a caution
A safety net from strife
That somehow keeps her grounded
While she lives out her life

In a wonder world of knowledge
She seeks out the unknown
Looks for the answers
Unearths every stone

I sit in the corner
Looking out for danger
She strides right on by
As if I am the stranger

I’m not sure what she’ll find
I will never really know
She doesn’t share it with us
She discovers it alone

I want her to be careful
But my words don’t resonate
She doesn’t ever listen
She doesn’t stop or hesitate

In a world built by men
We sometimes meet in the middle
We talk and talk and talk
But still she is a riddle

Its been a privilege and an honour
As I have watched her grow
I love her more than words
But she’ll probably never know

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