So I buried the dog…

You must make the time to write
That’s what you must do
Meanwhile the dog has died
And the kids have the flu

So I buried the dog
Muttering some verse
The youngest is in floods of tears
The words were rather terse

The oldest needs school uniform
And something for a play
I haven’t seen the middle one
Since the start of yesterday

There are 5 loads of washing
Sitting on the floor
The machine packed up last week
It doesn’t work anymore

Sometimes I just sit and stare
At the dishes in the sink
I really need to wash them up
I hope its why the kitchen stinks

That’ll be the phone
I can’t believe it rings again
Thank goodness it’s the middle one
Pick her up from a friends

I’ll have to leave the oldest
To watch the youngest play
I’ll put dinner in the oven
It can burn while I’m away

If at exactly the same time
I could iron as well as drive
There would be a small chance
The kids would look alive

I know you think I’m talented
I hear what you say
Its just I’d be a lot more talented
If welfare took the kids away